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guitar pick placards

 Our most popular placards are the 5" PICKS.

They can be customized in many ways to fit your party colors or party theme.

We make various sized table top guitars for the picks to stand upright in alphabetical rows.

We can even accent the display with a "PICK YOUR SPOT" sign.

The picks are glossy heavyweight card stock and $2.50 each.

That price includes adding each guests name and table to each card.

The black guitar holder is $55-65 depending on the size needed.

We have many backgrounds to select from and are always open to new designs

that fit exactly to your party specifications. Here are a few of our favorite pick designs.

Maybe something more custom with your party logo and a

matching table name card for the guests dining table.

We can work with any logo. Here's a fun example:

guitar pick placards with custom logo


Cool idea also would be to scatter real mini picks around your table centerpiece.

You can make your own with one of these fun mini pick maker tools. 

We can then help you out with oversized and customized 5" pick placecards and matching table name/number cards.

guitar pick placecard and table name

Here's some other ideas for placards instead of picks.

iPhones, iTunes Gift Cards or just square free standing tent cards.

iphone placecards

iTunes seating cards

guitar escort card or placard

We also can do custom designed PLACARD BOARDS.

This way you don't need individual cards.

The guests read their names and find their table and the board looks cool all night.

These boards average around $185 and sometimes that can be less costly than individual cards.

TO ORDER: email anytime with your party information.

We'll send you back a written proposal with prices, shipping  and payment information.





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